Activate your Chariots of Fire Frequency in Sedona this September


This program has been postponed to September 2021 due to Covid19. Your safety and comfort is our priority.



Ready to break out of the matrix that has held you in repeating 3D patterns to reclaim your creative power on a 5D level?

If you know it’s time to expand your energetic experience of yourself and explore your powerful multidimensional connections, this one week spiritual adventure is for you! Join Contemporary Shaman and Soul Seer, EagleSpirit, along with her team of Wisdom Keepers in mystical Sedona this Fall.


Expand your energy fields.

Consciously connect to your Galactic Self.

Illuminate your Soul’s Path.


It’s time to embody what you have always felt. It is possible to live a life you love! NOW! Truly creating your heaven on earth experience means walking lighter here on this planet. Releasing old energetic blocks, raising your vibration and anchoring energies from the heavens is so much easier to do amongst the red rocks of Sedona. Our team of energetic experts are here to help you transmute your 3D programming and experience your most Authentic Self.

Want to live life elevated from your soul perspective?

Join us September 17-23 in Sedona!


Highlights of activities:

  • Activate your personal Chariots of Fire Frequency in sacred ceremony.
  • Tour Hopi lands, learn about Hopi culture and visit the Hopi Prophecy Rock and other petroglyphs.
  • Anchor solar energies into your fields with a sunrise meditation at the Airport Vortex.
  • Journey in Spirit with a renown local Medicine Woman, Maya StarHawk.
  • Receive sacred energetic activations to unlock access to your inner wisdom  and understand your life’s path from a soul perspective.
  • Receive your personal soul astrology reading and personal activation template.
  • Enjoy daily vortex hikes to recharge your energy and illuminate your soul path work.
  • Learn wellness tips to integrate and maintain your high energy frequency when you return home.

I want to be there!


Can you hear the red rocks of Sedona calling?

First the call is quiet and then it pulls at your heart more loudly when Sedona knows you are ready. The sacred red rocks whisper, ‘we’ve been waiting to work our magic. It’s your turn now.’ Allow her to work her magic for you this Fall during the week of the New Moon.

Relax as the healing energies of Sedona help melt away any tensions you have been carrying. The natural beauty of this area, the rejuvenating calm and the magical vortex energies provide the most life-changing experiences imaginable. Sedona is spectacular and powerful.

Let go of any stress you have been carrying as you are pampered in luxury southwest accommodations complete with your own wellness team and personal chef!


What can I expect during my week in Sedona?

From the moment you land in Phoenix everything is taken care of for you!

Our luxurious retreat accommodations are tucked into the stunning red rocks of Sedona close to walking trails with private outdoor reflection areas and a gorgeous view of the night sky!

Each day’s events pamper and prepare you to clear dense energies and activate your Chariots of Fire Frequency.

The final  itinerary is crafted specifically for the spiritual adventurers in attendance. Additional land excursions and teachings will be tailored to your energetic needs and abilities. (That is how individuals can get so much from these personalized intimate group experiences. This is transformation travel taken to a whole new level!!)


I know I need to be there. How do I save my spot? 

 EagleSpirit Journeys pride ourselves on small group/big transformation experiences. These unique “small group/big transformation” programs fill quickly, so best to book immediately! 

It sounds wonderful. Tell me more about the Chariots of Fire Spirit Quest Team.

We have the most wonderful team of professionals to share the secrets of Sedona with you and help you tap into your inner wisdom.


Reconnect with your Spiritual Warrior Self today

Activations anchor in the powerful energy of Sedona and beyond.

The natural beauty of this area, the rejuvenating calm and the magical vortex energies provide the most life-changing experiences imaginable.

Click here to watch a video of the area that will mesmerize you!



I need to be there. How do I register? 

We have just opened registration now. You may book directly with the PayPal link below, or message us to register via email transfer.  

I want to be there!



Wow! Sounds fabulous and I want more details. Tell me more about how this work helps me take my life to a whole new level.

We’d love to share more about the program which is being tailored for the group that gathers. Definitely not your typical tour and perfect if you are wanting to experience an expanded version of YOU!

 Contact us now to chat more about small group/big transformation Spirit Quest Tours.

Looking forward to personally welcoming you to Sedona!

Many blessings, EagleSpirit