Soul retrieval work invites you to connect to your true essence and realign with your life purpose.

Experience profound shifts in these sacred sessions, as you honour the wisdom of your four energetic bodies. Explore past lives and present issues to gain meaningful insights to your current questions. Reclaim your power to dissolve energetic blocks that have been holding you back.

For your convenience, sessions are done locally and long distance. All long distance sessions include a typed transcript of the session and followed with Skype or phone consultations.







2 comments on “Soul Attunements

  • I’m very interested in this but I’m on fixed income. Could you tell me the cost & also do you teach Reiki

  • Hi Kristin. I do hope that we connected prior to now, but just in case… I do not teach Reiki. Instead I work with clients one on one doing Energetic Balancing and Soul Retrieval work and would be happy to chat about the fee for service and what it includes. Please email me directly at [email protected]

    Many blessings, EagleSpirit

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