When you meet EagleSpirit, things move inside. Shifts happen. Her energy is so… different.

EagleSpirit’s ability to hold the sacred space, allows you to reconnect to your natural blueprint for wellness and realign with your life’s purpose. It is about trust. It is about support.

It is about YOU reconnecting to your inner wisdom and reclaiming your power.

Releasing long held energetic blocks and old fears not only seem possible, but inevitable when you are with her. Suddenly your true Self that has felt lost for so long knows it’s safe to come home again.

For over 20 years EagleSpirit, a Contemporary Shaman, has empowered hundreds to learn to live each moment from their deepest truth. Her own healing path through serious illness and personal trauma taught her that re-membering who you truly are can transform your life!

Whether doing energetic balancing, soul retrieval or journeying, EagleSpirit’s intent is to help clients relax their body, release limiting beliefs and radiate their most authentic Self.

She is often referred to as a “Healer’s Healer,” sought out by otherhealth and wellness professionals who love the work. It helps them remain centred and balanced and gives them the energy and ability to work more deeply with their own clients. No more taking home others’ stress and anxiety or feeling overwhelmed by their busy lives and the important work they do!

Committed to sharing her gifts and empowering others, she teaches unique programs, works privately with clients all over the world and leads unforgettable one week Soul Journeys – – life changing experiences of re-membering all that you are!

“There is no more time to cling to the same old, same old. It is too painful and you deserve better! I invite you to embrace the wonder of all that you are. This is how together we can create global change. We are all connected, woven into a sacred tapestry and it is important now that each of us play our part to reveal the beauty of what is.

~Many blessings, EagleSpirit”


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4 comments on “Meeting EagleSpirit

  • Hi EagleSpirit,
    I have heard so many amazing things about you, from my brother Robert. I look forward to meeting you, on Friday, at the Creating the Wave of Wellness.

    • I look forward to meeting you Audrey. It is going to be a special weekend for sure! Looking forward to sharing tomorrow and on Friday. See you there!
      Many blessings, EagleSpirit

  • Hi, it was so great to meet you this morning at the Wellness Expo at the Hazen Park Center and thank you again for the morning prayers. Hugs,
    Winnifred (Wink) Phillips

  • It was lovely to meet you as well Wink. Sending good thoughts your way at this time during the flooding in the Oromocto area. Many blessings, EagleSpirit

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