“No” is a complete sentence.”  Anne Lamott


The exercises you have done this week are wonderful ways to encourage the mind to self-awareness.  This is very helpful.  Rather than shifting your attention externally to the point of doing an unconscious energetic merge, or using your energy in a way that does not serve you and the greater good of all, you are able to really hear the energetic cues from your four bodies.  Some Empaths think about nothing but service, but balance and self-care are important to ensure that you are truly sharing what is in the highest good.

I spoke with a client who was quite troubled by a friend of hers.   The problem?  She said she knew what her friend really needed in her life.  She so wanted to make things easier for her friend, but the woman did not want any assistance.  The client’s language was very self-defeating and from her reports, many of her thoughts were critical – of her friend (for not wanting help, or not even realizing that she might require help) and of herself (how dare her friend not want my help, why doesn’t she valued me enough to let me help, why do I always have to help people even when they don’t want it?).

Well, she did report that she was having great difficulty sleeping. Not only that, but nothing seemed to be working well in her life.  Even her dog had become quite ill.  She was surrounding herself with drama at every turn.   As well, the language she was choosing was very self-defeating.  Focussing on her friend was draining her very own energy!  I suggested she shift her focus back to the one person who really would appreciate her support and allow her friend to simply be. These critical thoughts were seriously affecting her own health and well-being.  How?

images-1Your body does respond to your words.  Too often I have heard clients say things like, ‘A is a pain in the neck!’ or ‘B stabbed me in the back!’  Can you guess what types of physical ailments they presented when they arrived for an energetic balancing session?  Watching our thoughts and language is very important! It is another way to return your focus to YOU and to empower yourself each day.

Once again you are being invited to turn your attention to YOU.  Now that you are aware of how your mind works – creating up to 70,000 thoughts a day – let’s see if we can guide our mind and the types of thoughts it focuses on.


Exercise – Day Four

Today you are going to periodically watch your thoughts and words.

Bring your awareness to your thoughts and words at least 3 times today.  Make note of any critical thoughts or phrases your mind is using. 

If you can, in your mind say ‘Cancel or Dissolve or Delete’ any time you catch yourself saying or thinking something negative.  Replace the thought with something that feels more in harmony with you.  For example, if you catch yourself wondering how your friend/child/coworker is doing something poorly or quite differently than you wish them to, stop for a moment and reframe your experience.  Perhaps you can make a positive comment to yourself quietly.  In one brief instant you may move from critically assessing what someone is doing to admiring the confidence they have to do what they are doing in such a way. 

Notice how the body feels when you shift your focus.  Does the body open or close with either of the perspectives?  If you are aware of your chakras or energy centres, notice how they react to the differing statements.

To learn more about how the physical body absorbs words, thoughts and beliefs, I highly recommend Louise L. Hay’s work.

If you are currently experiencing a physical discomfort, remember it is an energetic cue.  You might want to explore the possible thoughts and/or beliefs that may be creating or contributing to this condition.  Any of Hay’s work would be a wonderful tool for this!


Affirmation- Day Four

I choose my thoughts with care.  I move beyond critical thinking and my life responds positively.  I now nurture myself and others with my thoughts and words.

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