Are you already noticing that as you are setting the intent for a more peaceful and present December that you are getting glimpses of what is possible for you this holiday season? Wonderful! Today’s special tips are helpful to explore how you can explore the festive season with fresh eyes.   “Tradition becomes our… Read More

We want to help you celebrate your holiday season and deepen into the joy of thriving as a sensitive soul! Each morning a new door will open  to help you savour the day and honour your sensitivities. Imagine opening a daily treat from now until December 25th that has been created just for you!   Are… Read More

 Letting go of things? Easy. Letting go of people or situations? Hard. Or that is what we are told anyways. But what if letting go of a particular situation or person or way of being is in the highest good of all? What if, in the letting go of what was, you are making room for your… Read More

This might sound weird to you. During a snow-pocaplypse on the east coast, I went to the beach in Hawaii. Not as in I thought of a happy place and I wished myself there, but as I was led up the attic stairs and was shown how to… get to Hawaii.  Believe me when I… Read More