I have had so many requests for regular videos about self-care for sensitive souls. Let’s co-create this together my fellow Empaths and HSPs. You are not alone and I have many tips and tools that can make your life so much easier (and none of them include the ‘just get a thick skin’ that many of… Read More

You can have your concrete and fast paced cities. It is exciting to some, but give me nature please. Like many sensitive souls, nature is my medicine. Even when I was back in the 9-5 world years ago, I always had plants in my office. I believed that if a plant could survive in that… Read More

Some call them “energetic vampires”, others have even more negative names. You know the ones, you feel depleted emotionally, energetically or even physically when you are with them or even think of them. Please don’t let them interfere any longer with your soul’s path, because you have things to do! When your soul is guiding… Read More

Untold gatherings and tea dates with friends and encounters with strangers have often had uncomfortable pauses as they seem to try and re-arrange their masks when they feel I might be seeing them ‘naked.’ (Don’t get me started on fun family dinners!) But rest assured my friend, an Empowered Empath is not trying to peek… Read More