“You, yourself, as much as anybody else in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”~Buddha.

You now have a much clearer understanding of the four energetic bodies and how to access information as you go through your day as a Skilled Empath.  Unlike the past, where you may have been very tempted to disconnect from your everyday life in order to avoid energetic cues, you are now able to use your empathic gifts.  If ever you feel you are doing an unconscious energetic merge or your focus has totally shifted outside of yourself, you now have many tools to return your focus to you.

The key to living your most authentic life is to embrace all that you are!  At any time you can practice awareness techniques shared in this program to get immediate feedback about how you are feeling and what you need in that moment.  You have reclaimed your power.  You no longer need fear being at the mall, in a challenging work environment or a difficult relationship.  You are actively engaged in your life.

Understanding that we are all connected and that you are in control of your life and your experience means no longer anticipating feeling overwhelmed.  You have moved from fear to love.  It is from this space of love for your Self and all others that you can create a life you love to live!



Exercise – Day Five

You have practiced a variety of grounding, awareness and discernment techniques over this last four weeks.  Today’s exercise gives a way to check in on yourself and see how you are doing at being present and maintaining the integrity of your fields.  I like to call it, ‘welcome back’!

Several times today, take a moment to check in and see how present you are in your day.  If you are aware that you have gone on autopilot or have totally left your body, gently say welcome back! 

Bring your awareness back to your body, back to your breath.  In addition to these techniques, your eyes could also be quite useful.  If you have been gazing off into the distance, or totally caught up in a great program or movie, shift your focus back to yourself.  Notice your hands, your clothes, and your toes wiggling so lovingly as they bring you back into your body. 

Shifting your gaze back to yourself is another way to bring your attention back to you.  Once you are feeling present again, you may want to combine this technique with other exercises you have done.  For example you may want to do a quick body scan to check and see how each of your four bodies have been doing while you have been less present.

This is a very handy exercise to use in a busy mall, standing in line at the supermarket, or at home with the kids.  You may even want to do this when you notice that you have lost moments of time in your day or miles along the highway as you are driving and really need to get yourself focussed quickly!


Affirmation- Day Five

Honouring my empathic gifts brings me joy and allows me to live in harmony in each moment.  I love and accept all aspects of myself.  I trust my ability to honour my needs in every situation and so can live life more comfortably now.

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