The light of God surrounds me;

The love of God enfolds me;

The power of God protects me;

The presence of God watches over me.

Wherever I am, God is!

Part of the learning that comes with being a Skilled Empath is the ethical use of your gifts.  Since we are all connected and our thoughts and feelings impact on not only us, but also those around us, ethics are indeed important. Respecting our boundaries and the boundaries of others underlies the intent for service. Even if you have a sense of what another “needs” to do, be or have to be happy, discernment is a must.  Are you indeed correct and is it in the highest good to share your insights?  Not always.  I will give you an example from my own experience as an Empath.

In 1997, I realized during a visit with my Father that not only was he heading towards a healing crisis with heart disease, but that he was full of cancer.  Imagine my dismay when I did not have permission to tell him!  I can so vividly recall that time of checking and of being told that it is very disrespectful to take an illness/learning opportunity from someone who has worked for possibly years to create the event to learn from.  I would have been imposing what I thought was best, rather than what was in my Father’s highest good.  How inconsiderate!

It was a full 3 months before I had permission to give him the information about the cancer and how to heal it.  Once he was aware, he was open to doing the herbal and homeopathic medicine approach that I had used to heal my own cancer.  He did heal the cancer and remained cancer-free for over 11 years.  Now while I remember being rigorous about my checking about the cancer, I do not recall doing the same thing with the heart disease, which I did not find so frightening at the time.  Off I went in one meditation to send healing energy to the situation and believe it or not, I sensed my Father at my door later in the day!  He didn’t speak, but proceeded to dump the energy I had sent right back in my doorway.  He did not want it. Interestingly, within a few months, while I was traveling across the USA and Canada on the 6 month Journey of the Heart, my Dad came to visit me in person. The illness had been a blessing.  I learned that I may not always know the best outcome and that it is always wise to check before taking any action that may interfere with another’s life path.

I share this story for two reasons.  Firstly, to encourage you as you are guided to help someone on the spiritual plane – which usually means prayer or meditation – to remain open to what might be the best.  He had been advised that he needed a triple bypass.  His arteries were so clogged that there was a chance he would lose a limb without the surgery, but the risk was he might die on the table.  Now that was quite frightening for him.  He came to say goodbye to me, just in case, as he had chosen to have the surgery.  I am happy to report that the surgery helped my Father totally change his life.  He quit drinking and smoking, began to practice relaxation techniques and exercise, and took early retirement from his stressful job! I share this story for two reasons.

Secondly, to encourage you as you are guided to help someone on the spiritual plane – which usually means prayer or meditation – to remain open to what might be the best outcome for the highest good of all.  If, for example, it is time for someone to pass, praying for them to get well may not be doing a kindness.  (And I had to put this knowing into practice 2 1/2 years ago as Dad planned his exit strategy and prepared to cross over)  If losing a job opens the way for a friend to create a thriving new business, would praying for them to keep their job be supporting the best outcome? We, of our human selves, do not know the best answer.  This is why when we are checking, we are connecting to a higher power.

As well, if it feels right to you, if you are guided to pray for someone and are concerned about blocking an even better outcome than what you may be aware of, you may want to borrow this phrase I learned from Shakti Gawain to end your prayer, “this or something better now manifests for the highest good of all.” The second reason I shared my story is to highlight the importance of respecting others’ free will.  It is unkind to enter someone’s fields without their permission on some level.  During the day, I expect you will be going about your life with your self-awareness dial turned up and the empathic awareness of others dial turned down.  This will make it easier for you not to enter another’s fields.  When you do choose to answer someone’s energetic call, what Rose Rosetree calls ‘joining in spirit’, please ensure that you are honouring both your personal boundaries and those of the other person.


Exercise – Day Two

Today’s assignment is my variation on ‘joining in spirit’. Because you will need someone to ask for this, either on the etheric or on the physical, this may be an assignment that you save for another time.  Either way it would be helpful to read through the exercise so that you will feel ready when you have an opportunity to do this service. Once you have felt called by someone you know, or perhaps a situation or a group of total strangers half-way around the world, and you have discerned that it is in your highest good to be of service on the spiritual energetic level you may do this simple technique.

Find a quiet spot where you may sit undisturbed for several minutes.  Quiet your mind and relax your body.  When you feel peaceful and relaxed, bring that person or situation into your mind’s eye.  You may wish to visualize sending love from your heart to their hearts.  To ensure that you do not feel drained, you may also want to call on a guide, a favourite angel (Archangels Michael and Raphael are particularly helpful with struggles and health issues) or your higher power to help you send love.  Sending love to the person or situation is very different than asking for a particular outcome.  When you feel that the person or situation has received what you felt called to send, gently stop sending the energy to them.  Thank your spiritual entity who you have called on for support.  Gradually return your awareness to your Self in this moment and do a quick scan of all four bodies, noting how you feel.  Do any type of self-care you are requiring and then go on with your day.

There are no awards or recognition for this type of spiritual service, but there can be a greater sense of calm and peace as you fulfill this element of your divine purpose.


Affirmation- Day Two It is safe for me to fully experience my empathy. Both Spirit and my own inner wisdom protect me from harm. I claim my spiritual courage now.

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