“Whether you think you can or you can’t, either way you are right.” Henry Ford

Crazy magical thinking, or did Mr. Ford know something important and share it with us all way before any of our new age spiritual gurus took centre stage? Let’s look at some more magical thinking that just make this Monday extra special.


1. You are a powerful co-creator with Spirit. Breathe that in for a moment. Step back and look at it from a soul perspective and you have happily popped out of victim consciousness, stepped away from the blame game and have jubilantly jumped back into your power.


Now here is where some more of that magical thinking can do for you if the morning has been a bit rough.


2. Adults get do overs. Just as there is a grace offered when we meet the outcomes of our thoughts and decide we can change things up and create a life we love, we can do that with whole days! Monday morning started a bit rough? Let’s hit reboot and get an adult do over.

“It’s not how you start that’s important, but how well you finish!” Jim George

How about a nap at lunch? A walk around the block? A timeout with a favourite book (rather than a favourite chocolate bar de-stresser because you know you are just going to fret about that later and the sugar crash is never worth the freakishly enthusiastic sugar rush. You are going for real now right?). Or a simple deep breath can work wonders for breaking the bodies stress response. You have the power to change your day!


3. The rear view mirror is not as handy as you think.  I am not suggesting that your focus is wrong, but I am saying you might be looking in the wrong direction for your answers.

If you want to keep on you have always done your very bestgetting what you are getting, keep on doing what you are doing. And the truth is that you did your very best back then and now you know more and can do better. It is true for you and it is true for us all.

Just what is so fascinating about the past? Why are you looking ‘back there’ all the time when you are missing what is going on in the present?

Take a deep breath.

Adjust the mirrors and get on with it.  Permission granted to even burn rubber as you zip back out into the present day world and on towards your future!


4. You are doing affirmations already. Time to tweek them. Any continued thought is an affirmation. You are making a belief ‘firm’ in your mind as you repeat it over and over.

Studies say that you are thinking, on average 60,00 – 70.000 thoughts a day. How many of those are positive and focussed on what you truly want because anything repeated over and over enough will wear down your resimages-1istance to making it happen (any 5 year old with a craving for a cookie or reruns of a particular Disney video knows that! *suddenly humming Let It Go quietly to myself*)

What do you believe about your Monday? What does it look like for you?

Where is the yumminess factor that makes you willing to let go of sultry Sundays that often linger at the bedroom door tempting you to stay just a little bit longer before you rush out and into your week?  Cause it has to be good to get you going.

A few tips for making your affirmations even more magical to help you energize your day in a positive way?

a. Make the statements positive. Your brain does not hear negatives, so if you are wanting to lose weight for example, instead of saying ‘I am not overweight’ try something like ‘I now enjoy a healthy weight for me and it makes me feel fabulous!’

b. Put them in the present tense. If your positive statements live in the future, then that is where your goal will remain. Make it present so that you can get all energized by the statement. For example, “I now work at a job I enjoy and am appreciated and well-rewarded for all that I do.”

c. Pay extra attention what comes after the phrase ‘I AM’ whenever your speak because you are talking to the Universe and it is ready to deliver on your word. Let go of the criticism. It is simply not a motivator. Affirm who you truly are as your Authentic Self and then allow him/her to shine with each choice you make consciously.


Ok. Ready to enjoy your day now?  Let’s do a quick check in. Fill in the blank with the first thing that comes to mind.

I believe that I _____________________.


You have the power to create a life you love. It is not about competition. It is about living authentically.


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