It feels good to gather and share from the heart, so really consider where and how you are spending your time.  Holidays are supposed to be about connection and traditions that bring us closer together and how we do that could be changing! One family I heard about had been sending the same darn Christmas card… Read More

  Our sensitivities are a spiritual gift, an inner GPS (God/dess positioning system) showing us where we need to deepen into love.  With the special sense of connection and unity during the holidays, many of us wish that this attitude would last year round because the world would be a kinder gentler place. Somehow, even when… Read More

Being grounded and present in your physical body at this time of year can be truly sense-ational! Listen to the music that is especially sacred at this time, whether it is Hannukah, Christmas, Solstice or Kwanzaa that you celebrate. Taste the treats of the season. Feel the sensual pleasure of soft velour, fleece and silk… Read More

  Self-care is a necessity during the holiday season!! Why? Because of the accumulation of trauma and drama over the years.. not only ours, but those we may be doing unconscious energetic merges with. Suddenly holiday songs remind us of sadder times. But truly, songs are just songs. And at one time, perhaps many years ago,… Read More

Often to avoid anticipated disappointed friends and families, Empaths and other Sensitive Souls, put on their ugly Christmas sweater and join in the festivities… even when what they would much prefer is a quiet night at home in flannel pjs watching an old classic, meditating or perhaps making a gift for a loved one.  It… Read More

We want to help you celebrate your holiday season and deepen into the joy of thriving as a sensitive soul! Each morning a new door will open  to help you savour the day and honour your sensitivities. Imagine opening a daily treat from now until December 25th that has been created just for you!   “There… Read More

  Are you already noticing that as you are setting the intent for a more peaceful and present December that you are getting glimpses of what is possible for you this holiday season? Wonderful! Today’s special tips are helpful to explore how you can explore the festive season with fresh eyes.   “Tradition becomes our… Read More

For fast-acting relief, try slowing down. ~ Lily Tomlin What is it about December that makes us start to speed up even faster? I am sure you have noticed how  everyone is rushing ahead to some invisible finish line called Christmas Day? But not you right? Oh dear. You feeling like you are getting dragged along… Read More

What if you could really move on with your life this 2018 and live a life you love? Wouldn’t that be yummy? Get my top 10 favourite tips learned from the many moves I have made. Enjoy! 1. Stop labelling endings and beginnings. Our greatest heartaches often come by how we tell our stories. We label things… Read More