Empaths see below the surface, but it can come at a cost if you don’t practice radical self-care!

I see you nodding. You have felt it too right? That energetic overwhelm when walking into a mall or the invisible ‘tell me your life story’ written on your forehead that draws the most interesting people who are delighted to share because you are such a good listener. But what happens to you after? Do you feel drained.. or worse yet get sick and need rest after ‘too much peopling?’

Going about without an understanding of what you are picking up energetically has consequences. This is a classic unskilled Empath outcome.

But worse than those energetic sponge hangovers is this. Choosing to ignore your sensitivities means you are missing valuable information that could help you enjoy your life more fully.

Trust your inner wisdom. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.
On the other hand, if something doesn’t feel good because it provides information that stirs things up in your comfort zone, there could be valuable information there. And to get it on an energetic level before it ever makes it to the physical realm is a big bonus!! Your energetic insights could lead you to take new action and create new opportunities.

So you can see there are great advantages that most never tell you about being sensitive. You get to experience your world on a multi-sensory and multi-dimensional level!  

When you remain open, in your power and have the courage to take action as you are guided to do so, magic happens. Trust the connection between your heart and mind. It is safe to see below the surface.

All you need to make that easier and more comfortable are some great self-care tips and tools that address all four energetic levels that you are picking up information on. And that’s what I teach in Empath 101. And great news! I have opened 3 spots for private one on one programs for the Fall/Winter season. These can be done locally or long distance. PM me for details!

Being a sensitive soul is a blessing (and can be a whole lot of fun too. Let me show you how!

Many blessings, EagleSpirit

ES promo shot sedonaEagleSpirit, a Contemporary Shaman, has worked for over 20 years to help clients relax their bodies, release limiting beliefs and radiate their most authentic se
As the creator of Empath 101 Empowerment program she speaks to groups internationally, facilitates the month-long course that has changed lives and is often featured in the media for her grounded approach to spirituality.
Visit here for more details about Empath 101 and contact us if you would like to sponsor the program in your area. Email to find our about personalized Soul Journeys, Spirit Quest Tours or te sessions. You deserve to feel Soul Good!

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