Years ago I was very upset about the choices someone was making and the suffering he would cause both himself and others when a wise friend Joe told me, ‘well EagleSpirit you can’t save all the drowning puppies.’

I was shocked.



But in his own way Joe was explaining that a life of service must include discernment… something that an unskilled Empath can have a real challenge with as we feel everyone’s hurt so deeply. 

Unskilled Empaths often do these unconscious energetic merges and end up feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders. In fact, without training and techniques much of their days are spent running about trying to fix everyone else’s problems in some way and often end up drained and ill! I know because it happened to me.

Becoming an Empowered Empath means having healthy boundaries, being of service where one is guided to help and trusting that the very best outcome is unfolding when one is guided to step back and allow others to be. We are able to discern what is in the highest good to do from a place of balance and good health and this is when we can most effectively answer our call to service.

Reflection questions:

As a sensitive soul, how are you doing with your need to rescue people/animals/situations? What has helped you balance self-care with the call to service?

Let us know in the comments below.

Many blessings, EagleSpirit 

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EagleSpirit, a Contemporary Shaman, has worked for over 20 years to help clients relax their bodies, release limiting beliefs and radiate their most authentic selves.
As the creator of Empath 101 Empowerment program she speaks to groups internationally, facilitates the month-long course that has changed lives and is often featured in the media for her grounded approach to spirituality.
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