Let go of the idea of vortexes only showing up in places like Sedona and Stonehenge. We 10612612_467203826752572_8952566221939166466_nhave them all over the globe. There may even be one right close to you! Places hold energy. Sometimes it is from past owners or sometimes, if there is a vortex on the property, there can be a number of “visitors” present in one location.

My first true encounter with a vortex/portal situation affecting a house was back in the 90s. My second marriage ended and I was terribly traumatized and seeking a safe, peaceful spot to stay. There was a room available in this lovely white Victorian house called Heartland. You know the kind – a great old front porch filled with white whicker rockers and pouffy floral cushions. A beautiful lush garden hugged round the sides and back of the property so that every step was a delight to the senses.

Peaceful picture right? Right.
Peaceful experience? NO!

I took the room and began to move in what few things I had to the dry cellar where they could be stored. The first day I had a sense of someone standing watching me. Hmmm. Second day? I could now see the transparent image of a man with brown hair, kind of stocky and wearing a white linen shirt, brown heavy pants held up by suspenders and big boots. And he was definitely watching me. Day three and everything was in… including the man! He was very 3D and I was very freaked!!

When I mustered up the courage to mention this to the landlady she did not seem startled at all. Very calmly she said, ‘oh yes didn’t I tell you I was a Rescue Medium? There is a portal that goes from the basement through your room and up to mine. Let’s teach you the Clearing Prayer as you will find it handy while you are here.’

And that was my introduction to part of the work I would come to do. House clearings. Helping souls cross over. Maintaining a clear pure energy in my environment. All helpful teachings for a sensitive soul.

All that to say I am currently exploring  spots this week to see what would fit best for myself and Bliss and Shanti and my clients. Wonder what Spirit has planned for this next move. 🙂 Hold a good thought ok?

Could there be a portal or vortex present? No worries. It will be yummy no matter what! And trusting that it will be just as peaceful as my cottage has been that has served everyone who has visited so well. After all, I have that Clearing Prayer… and now, so do you!

Many blessings, EagleSpirit


ES promo shot sedonaEagleSpirit, a Contemporary Shaman, has worked for over 20 years to help clients relax their bodies, release limiting beliefs and radiate their most authentic se
As the creator of Empath 101 Empowerment program she speaks to groups internationally, facilitates the month-long course that has changed lives and is often featured in the media for her grounded approach to spirituality.
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