Painting YOUR Picture


“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.

They must be felt with the heart” ~ Helen Keller


Like a riot of colour in a beautiful painting, our emotions create texture and depth to our very existence. Emotions take us from a flat, dull, black and white experience to one that shines!

Unskilled Empaths often pick up others’ emotions, almost like a sponge. They can register in the emotional body and/or as sensations in the physical body. This can prove challenging on a daily basis.

The key is to truly work with your personal palette of emotions, rather than dipping into other’s fields, or having them come and paint the picture for your day. This is the advantage of being a skilled Empath.  You are able to focus on your own emotions, instead of the emotions of others.

574500_412478082133254_968879760_nFeeling emotions is good. They are cues. Feeling others’ emotions could be helpful in certain situations. In your daily routine however, for your comfort, you consciously choose to keep your focus on YOU.

Learning to regularly connect with your emotional energetic body is today’s lesson.

When you have chosen to energetically merge with another (or have done so unconsciously), being clear about the information you are receiving from the emotional body is important.  Otherwise your emotional palette may feel muddied by others’ emotions.

Clarity about what actions, if any, are required to refocus on your own energetic bodies will be most helpful and that is where your checking comes in.


Exercise – Day One

Learning to regularly connect with your emotional energetic body is today’s lesson.

Choose 3 times today to check in and do a scan of your emotional body.

Take several deep breaths to get quiet and centre your mind. Then, ask yourself, “How am I feeling in this moment?” Name the emotion. (Remember you are looking for an emotion, rather than a physical sensation or a thought. If you are having a challenge naming the emotion, you may wish to refer to a list of emotions to check with, such as Byron Katie’s 2 page list of emotions she shares on her website…

You may be surprised to find how empowering labeling an emotion can be when you wish to understand the message the emotional cue is conveying! For example, rather than identifying an emotion as sad, perhaps a word like lonely or dismayed or tearful might more accurately describe the feeling you are connecting with. Having the most accurate feeling will help you connect more easily to the information you can get from the sensation.

When you have the emotion named, proceed to check whether or not it is yours. If it is yours, make note of it. You may wish to explore what that emotion is trying to convey to you.

If you find that the emotion you are connecting to is not yours, notice your experience. Chances are you have done an energetic merge with another person, place or thing. Clear your fields and ground. Then check in again. What are YOU feeling in this moment?


My experience has been that once a client connects to the emotion and gets the message from it, the emotion leaves. Get the message from the emotion, the energetic cue and take whatever action is appropriate (checking comes in so handy!!!).

It is a way to be in the moment, go with the flow and then shift to the next moment. You are not left carrying the emotion with you throughout your day – and how wonderful will that be, right?!!


Affirmation- Day One

I enjoy connecting to my feelings. I honour myself, and those around me, by releasing the pattern of absorbing others’ emotions.

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