Perhaps one of the reasons Dr. Seuss’s Grinch is an Empath classic is because we see his heart grow as he finds connection. And one of the key reasons for grief and anxiety for sensitives is we may feel an intense loss or hurt that gets triggered every holiday. This is why it is so darn important to acknowledge whatever feelings are coming up.

“Emotions are messengers that carry information. Spiritual growth depends upon receiving that information & using it.” Gary Zukav

An Empath’s natural distraction strategy is to help another, so be sure that you are feeling solid and strong enough to share before offering yourself in service this holiday season . This is not the time to be avoiding your emotions. Empowered Empaths know that each emotion that comes up is merely an energetic cue and we go to work immediately when we catch one that is extra juicy because we want to get the message and release the energy so that we may return to our centre again.

Holiday Tip:  
  Make self-care this holiday season a priority. If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, be sure to honour them this holiday. Light a candle for them. Hang an ornament for them.

Take time to remember them in a way that feels comfortable for you. You may find by connecting this way that joy filled memories may creep in too. Allow that, for as much as you miss them now, I bet you have much to reminisce about too! Perhaps a holiday dinner that was a hoot, or a special tradition or time together that makes you smile when you think of it.

Emotions come and go. You will not get stuck in the grief. You will explore it. And you will find ways to keep the connection alive in your heart.

With that said, there may be other emotions that come up as well. Put in place supports if there are dates that are particular meaningful. Supportive reading or listening materials to raise your vibration to a frequency that feels more comfortable can be handy. Time with friends and those you call family, whether they are blood relatives or not, help you feel more connected. Love yourself enough to nurture and nourish yourself.

If things are particular intense at this time, counselling could be helpful. Think about one on one time, group meetings or many of the hotline numbers available for support. And may I remind you, in case you haven’t heard it today … you are loved my friend.

Many blessings, EagleSpirit


Do you have other tips about coping with emotions at the holidays, or a story to share that might help others? Please share in the comment section below. Together we are stronger!


December 9th’s Affirmation:

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