Some divide things so black and white and they fight to win an argument. It is done on a grand scale in wars. It is done on a smaller scale in business — where marketing is all about strategies and targets and convincing others of how much they need your product or service to “save” them. Ok.. elephant in the room.. the “save” word just made me think about religion and how, over the centuries (and sadly even today), there are battles going on over beliefs about the best way to pray and to be of service.

Reconnect with your Spiritual Warrior Self today

Reconnect with your Spiritual Warrior Self today

I want to talk about this idea of being a Spiritual Warrior and how that may actually serve both you and humanity. The battlefield, however, is not external to you.. it is within you.

Ridding yourself of negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that do harm is not for the faint of heart. It takes courage. Try this quick quiz to see if you are ready to be called up for one of the most important jobs you could ever have… the job of a Spiritual Warrior.

1. Do you have the courage to go deeper into unknown territory and claim your spiritual good?  The signs have appeared that have encouraged you to take that next leap of faith, promising that it is in the highest good. Do you ignore the signs or distract yourself saying you will take that course, or speak to your boss or leave that relationship when it gets worse because right now at least you know the hell you are going through and uncertain about the unknown heavens being promised.

2. Are you willing to love yourself deeply, the way whatever teaching you follow suggests? Underlying most religions is the idea of love and that you are a child of God. So are you treating yourself with the respect you deserve as the divine design that you are, or is it take care of everyone else because you are shooting for the whole martyr experience this lifetime? While hair shirts and self-flagellation are less popular, we manage to still treat ourselves quite poorly and we aren’t even getting biblical brownie points for it! Why?

3. Do you actively love your brothers and sisters around you and around the world with that same fierce and powerful energy? Two words. Golden rule. I don’t care if that person across from you, or half way round the world, is not your cup of tea my friend. Be nice. Not doormat nice. But at least be respectful. You know, the way you want everyone to treat you. We do not always know what is going on for another (even us Empaths), nor do we always understand the role of teacher that another is presenting to us as we go through a difficulty. But surely everyone deserves respect.

And I said love. Not pity. You would be surprised how much you can learn from someone you are judging. Frankly your judgements aren’t really harming others as much as they are harming you.

“It’s been said that people see what they want to see. For that exact reason, look for the good in people, rather than the bad.” Donald L. Hicks

4. Do you have a daily discipline that includes kindness for yourself and all those you encounter during the day? Reflect on what daily practices you have that nurture you. And notice how good you feel after you do them. Then notice how many times a week you do this for yourself.  

Also, reflect on what energetic body you pay most attention to ~ physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Perhaps there is a new habit to embrace that would support kindness in an area of your life that would empower you to be even more loving with others.red_poppy_field_of_poppies_poppies

Do you see what I mean now. Just imagine a global army of spiritual warriors spreading love round the planet. You could rise in the ranks by sharing more love, but no matter what title you gave yourself, you would be loved and know your worth. Now that is an army I would love to enlist in, wouldn’t you? (Hmmm I keep hearing John Lennon’s “Imagine” in my head right now don’t you?)

Today as we honour those who have fought and served and died, may we believe in our hearts that there was a greater purpose in those events that will one day bring peace to everyone, everywhere. In the meantime, may we continue to “soldier on” and focus on creating peace in our very own hearts.


*Edited from “Day 536: Letting Your Spiritual Warrior Out” from EagleSpirit’s popular “Living From a Soul Perspective” Facebook series


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6 comments on “Ready to serve… as a Spiritual Warrior?

  • That is very beautiful. Yes, I see myself as a person within that army you speack of. <3 Sending yea love.

    • You are definitely a spiritual warrior armed with love and a deep sense of justice wherever you go Bonnie. Thank you for standing in your power and sharing from your heart. Many blessings, EagleSpirit

  • I am struggling on all the levels you write about so eloquently, but the hardest continues to be practicing self-love and self-care. I keep hearing “forgive yourself” and “let go”, but fear has such a tenacious grip.

    • Sending love to you as you honour your journey and give yourself permission to stop and fill up your cup so that you can continue to serve others with the wonderful work you do.

      Many blessings, EagleSpirit

  • It’s taken a lot of years, tears, courage, and self-perseverance to realize that I can say yes to each of these. Some are a bit of a stronger yes than others, but all are a work in progress. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful message of a inner Spiritual Warrior and how we can impact the world, by living our version of her (or him!). xo

    • Way to go my fellow Spiritual Warrior. And yay you for honouring your path and now sharing your Wise Woman Self!!

      Many blessings, EagleSpirit

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